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Home to games and other projects created by Lee Bradley.

A minimal 2D puzzle game in which players place, stack and merge different-shaped pieces to deflect particles. Deflect will be available for Windows® PCs in 2016. Visit official Deflect web site.

Previously titled "Mind Merge"

An explanation - Mind Merge

After receiving feedback from public alpha versions of Mind Merge, it became clear that the story and game play mechanics weren’t meshing together well. After much consideration, I decided it would be a good idea to separate the two. The game play would continue under a new name (Deflect) and the story of Mind Merge (along with its name) would be turned into something new. As of right now, my main priority is to get Deflect finished and released to the public. Rest assured, Deflect retains all of the main game play of Mind Merge, with a simplified user interface that has been designed with future mobile ports in mind. Deflect will be available for Windows® PCs in 2016.